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  • ETHANOL (Nov 19) 1.422 -0.009 10/16/19   1:16 PM CST
  • ETHANOL (Dec 19) 1.394 -0.018 10/16/19   1:16 PM CST
  • ETHANOL (Jan 20) 1.438 -0.018 10/16/19   1:16 PM CST
  • CORN (Dec 19) 395'0 3'2 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • CORN (Mar 20) 406'0 2'4 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • CORN (May 20) 412'2 2'4 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Nov 19) 933'0 5'0 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jan 20) 947'0 4'6 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 20) 959'0 4'4 10/17/19   7:44 AM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Oct 19) 112.500 1.350 10/16/19   1:04 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Dec 19) 114.075 0.425 10/16/19   1:04 PM CST
  • LEAN HOGS (Dec 19) 70.650 -1.500 10/16/19   1:04 PM CST
  • LEAN HOGS (Feb 20) 78.900 -0.300 10/16/19   1:04 PM CST


Grain Receiving and loadout
For the week of OCT 14th
Yellow Corn
Mon 7am to 4pm
Tue 7am to 4pm
Wed 7am to 4pm
Thru 7am to 4pm
Fri 7am to tbd
Watch for harvest hours

All corn over 16 % will be rejected

Hours are subject to change!
Grain office: 712-938-2210
Merchandiser Roger Hansen: 605-520-4313
Settlements 712-938-2373 ext 217
Settlements Coordinator: Kristi Hegwer

Dear Grain Supplier,
The ethanol industry continues to operate in negative margins, absent a deal with China or a serious pullback in production we do not see a recovery in the near future.  The board of Plymouth Energy has decided to suspend production until further notice.  All existing corn contracts on the books will be honored.  Please take notice that an orderly and timely process will take place to honor all purchase contracts of grain made to Lakeview-Plymouth Grains LLC.  Roger will work with you to ensure this happens
We look forward to working with you again on resuming production and hopefully the margin environment will cooperate with us for this to happen in the not too distant future.
We appreciate your business and support
Your Sincerely
Eamonn Byrne
CEO Plymouth Energy




Loading Hours
DRY DDGs: Mon-Fri 7am to 4pm
WET CAKE: Mon-Fri 7am to 5pm
Sat 8am to Noon
SYRUP: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Changes will be posted in the Scale House.

Co Products: Kristi Hegwer
(712) 938-2373 ext. 217  Cell: (712) 898-3461              

Administrative Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 



We have good news. After much testing, our development team deemed the fix for the Plymouth Grain Android app ready for release. We have pushed the new version to the Google Play store. At this time, we are waiting for Google to propagate our update, Version 31.2.0 across their servers.


As Version 31.2.0 of the Plymouth Grain is made live on Google Play, we are sending notifications to your users that the update is available along with instructions on how to update their version of Chrome on their Android device to ensure they have the latest bug fix from Google. These instructions are below:


How to update Chrome on Android

1.       Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store via the app on your smartphone.

2.       Step 2: Open the side menu by pressing the icon in the top left corner.

3.       Step 3: Tap on “My apps & games”

4.       Step 4: Scroll down if needed, find the Chrome app, and tap on “Update”


We appreciate your continued patience and know that we will be watching the App closely.


We appreciate your patience. Google is experiencing a high volume of app submissions. We expect our update to be released soon.


Thank you for your continued trust in DTN!





Local Radar
Merrill, IA
Chg Zip Code: 
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